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Need a Do-Over? Here is your KICK START?!! You are in the right place.

Jump into the crash course, Magic Monday Meeting with the setup for success checklist.  Tuesday Touch points, MWF workouts live (or let it be time set aside to move in a way that moves you), workbooks and Foodie Friday cooking class.

First Week: Setup the Habits, Track progress with measurements, weight ins and one on ones. Get your checklist and know that everybody is not only doing it with you but wanting you to succeed too!

Week 2: Learn the Self Confidence to keep going. It's the platform to jump off from, enjoy the momentum you have already created. An healthy interest in you! Be cheered once again with healthy options. Again it's not not what you can't do, it's what you can do!

The 3 workouts: Themes each week are Get UP, Get DOWN and Hard CORE. Upper Body, Lower body and yes... butts and guts. To complete the LOVE of strengthening and stretching your Body. Also don't let the workouts freak you out, if you want join the group or set that time aside to get in physical exercise just your style.

What ever you do, Start here, START NOW, and stay as long as you like! Because if you choose to stay the other 5 wks, this course cost can be applied to the full program.